Wool Knits & Fashion

Manufactured with the Premium Quality Threads.

Various Types of Stitches and Patterns to choose from.

Weft-Knits and Warp-Knits with Durable Structure.

Research Based Material Designs with High Tech Production.

Jolon Textile is the world renowned specialist of Knitted Fabrics of the premium luxury quality that currently serves as the principal supplier for many leading brands in the world. Our knitted fabric material has gained a wide popularity around the world for comfortable and genuine products such as casual coats and other casual clothes oriented for Fall and Winter. Made of the best material, it ensures the premium look and feel.

Jolon Textile Knitted Fabrics are the most ideal for the brands around the world who are looking to provide premium products of the luxurious quality with perfect durability, made from the best material.

Knitted Wool Fabric has been playing an enormous role in the Premium Clothing Industry since the old days. The various types of Knitted Wool Fabric can provide different types of luxurious looking. Provided with the flexibility and the durability through the right structure, our range of Knitted Wool Fabric is used by many world renowned brands for their Fall and Winter wear  ranges that have gained high popularity among the people of the premium taste. We have been able to revolutionize the knit  wool industry through our premium quality with the right texture and threads.

Manufacturing using customized facilities to produce the best of the Knitted Wool of preserved high quality. We are open and enthusiastic to manufacture any type of knitted wool fabric requests. We always welcome all types of customized knitted fabric material orders. Our manufacturing facility is equipped to produce all types of Knitted Fabrics of all kinds of Stitches and Knit Patterns. All these classic spells made on the premium quality wool threads that creates the luxurious look and feel.

Globally Trusted

A Glance at The World Trust We Have  Gained

Globally Trusted

A Glance at The World Trust We Have Gained

Flawless Perfection

Structured with the right kind of stitches and knit patterns that make the perfectly durable textures.

Sustainable Fabric

All manufactured in the premium luxurious quality, it will result in a great production of Elegant Knitwear.

Perfect Durability

Perfectly and carefully knitted using the best of the premium wool threads of the luxurious feel.

Premium Materials


Boiled Wool

Wool Plaid

Mixed Wool

Jolon Textile uses the best of the premium grade wool materials to manufacture all wool fabrics. Witness some of our most popular wool knits that are loved by our clients.

Revolutionizing Knitted Wool Fabric Industry since 2014.

Jolon Textile is a brand dedicated to provide the best knitted wool fabric products of the premium grade. We are facilitated with manufacturing facilities of the latest technological advancements to provide a large scale and rapid production output in the flawless best quality to match the client demands.

All Knitted Wool Fabric material we manufacture are designed and developed through the extensive process of professional research work that results in an incomparable high quality in our products that helps world brands to produce flawlessly luxurious Knitwear. Also, it makes it possible for you to customize your material in any way you prefer.

Customized Fabric


Customized Fabric

We Specialize In Customizations

With Jolon Textile, you always have the window to go for a customized solution of fabric that you desire as the most ideal for your brands. We are dedicated to providing customized fabric manufacturing solutions to all our clients without a hassle with our professional facilities that supports us to do so, and support to maintain your brands.

"Jolon Textile is the artist of luxurious fabrics. They have been providing us the best luxury fabric of the premium quality for many years."

– Janet Hawking, HAWK.

"I love it that you can rely on them without a worry, that they will always ensure the supplies of the unharmed quality, without an excuse, without a delay."

– James Harrison, Fex Wear.

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